• 10gms Magnetite natural crystals. (Min 10 pcs.) Total weight  10 gms (0.35 oz).

  Your order will be chosen from the batch of crystals shown in image 2 above. Images 1 & 5 show a representative 10gms lot, this is for illustration only. Images 3 & 4 are magnified detail from the batch shown in image 2. The image(s) above will usually appear larger than the actual item, please check size and weight details in the listing. Images are taken under artificial light, colour may vary when viewed on different monitors and under different light conditions.The lower image shows a typical 10gms lot and is for illustration only, you are unlikely to receive any of these specific crystals. 10gms Natural Magnetite crystals (minimum of 10 crystals) Fe2+Fe23+O4 Unknown Location You will receive a minimum of ten crystals of assorted sizes chosen from the batch shown in the bulk images above. For scale, the largest crystal in the images is approximately 10mm (0.39in) on its longest edge, more typically the crystals range from 4mm to 8mm on their longest edge. Please note, few of the crystals are perfect octahedra. Magnetite is the most magnetic of natural crystals*. The word magnet derives from the crystal, rather than the other way about, the name itself coming from the place Magnesia in Greece where the stone was discovered. The crystal is useful for scientists working on the study of the Earth's magnetic field, and where and when rocks were laid down. Total weight: 10gms (0.35oz). All sizes and weights are approximate. *Not all Magnetite crystals are magnetic in the commonly understood sense, ie that they will attract small steel objects/iron filings/etc. They are magnetic in the sense that they will be attracted to magnets and, by artificial induction, they can themselves be turned into permanent magnets (neither of these is necessarily the case with other iron rich minerals such as Hematite or Pyrite). These particular crystals are only magnetic in the second sense. Item no: 9935 LL

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10gms Magnetite natural crystals. (Min 10 pcs.) Total weight 10 gms (0.35 oz).

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