DOG TAGS: U.S. MILITARY ? EMBOSSED WITH YOUR INFORMATIONMADE IN USA   -  WORLDWIDE SHIPPING   -  FREE SHIPPING TO USAYou will receive: (2) Dog Tags - (2" x 1 1/8" | 5cm x 2.8cm) Standard Military Issue - Dull Stainless Steel(2) Removable Silicone Rubber Silencers - Standard Military Issue - Black(1) Stainless Steel Bead Neck Chain - (24" | 61cm) Standard Military Issue(1) Stainless Steel Bead Boot Chain - (4.5" | 11.5cm) Standard Military IssueDOG TAGS: U.S. MILITARY can be used for: * MILITARY IDENTIFICATION* ARMY, NAVY, USMC, USAF, USCG* POLICE, FIRE, EMS * BOY SCOUTS, GIRL SCOUTS, CUB SCOUTS * FRATERNAL & SORORITY ORGANIZATIONS * SCHOOL "CLASS OF" MEMENTOS* CHURCHES, SPORT TEAMS & CLUBS* PATRIOTIC & RELIGIOUS FAITH MESSAGES* DOG & CAT PET COLLARS * KEY CHAINS & SPARE KEYS * LUGGAGE TAGS, PURSES, HANDBAGS * MEDICAL ID ALERT INFO* PROPERTY, EQUIPMENT, HIKING & CAMPING GEAR * BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS & WEDDINGS* VALENTINE, MOTHER & FATHER'S DAY GIFTS* HIP HOP ACCESSORIES* TOY GIFTS FOR CHILDREN* NOVELTIES* MISC OTHER USES Text Message Instructions:*Send me the text message to emboss on your tags in a 5-line format (below) in an  message.*Message can be up to (15) characters of text per line - SPACES COUNT - and up to (5) lines of text that you want embossed on your dog tags. *You may include a different text message for each tag if you wish. *You can write any text message on your tags that you like, from the available characters and symbols (below).*Text messages can be embossed on one side of the tags only, not on both sides.*Omitting sending me what text you want embossed on your dog tags will result in a delay in processing your order. *If you wish to receive your dog tags blank (no text), please indicate this to me.*If you do not contact me with text instructions within 30-days after purchase, your tags will be sent to you blank (without text embossing on them). Standard Military 5-Line Format:       LAST NAME                                          FIRST NAME                                         SOCIAL SECURITY #                    BLOOD TYPE                                                         RELIGION                                              Available Characters And Symbols:A B C D E F G H I J K L M N ñ O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ?  !  @  #  $  &  *  (  )  -  _  +  ?  "  ;  :  /  ?  .  , *(I Cannot Emboss Hyphens above letters except ñ or: Å Ç Ë Í Ó Ú)PLEASE NOTE:Your dog tags will be printed from left-to-right with each line starting on the same left column line. If you want your text centered (see CENTERING TEXT below), please indicate this to me. ALSO NOTE: If you use all (15) characters of text on any one line of your dog tags, part of the text message, (the first letters near the edge of the dog tag), will be covered by the removable rubber silencer. This can be an issue should you wish to clearly read the full text of your dog tags with the rubber silencers on them. If you remove your rubber silencers from the dog tags, reading text with up to (15) characters will not be an issue. If you use (14) characters or less per line (on all 5-lines), you will be able to read the full text of your dog tags with the rubber silencers affixed to them.   CENTERING TEXT:Text can be centered upon request.ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS: Dog Tags will be sent to you in standard Military Dull Stainless Steel with Black Silicone Rubber Silencers. If you wish to change the Dog Tag Metal Type and/or Silencer color, the following options are available:* DOG TAGS (Alternate Metal Type Option): Shiny Stainless Steel, Brass*, Black*, Notched WWII Style, Red, 2-Hole Dog Tags in Standard Dull or Shiny SS. *Brass Neck and Boot Chains will be sent with Brass Dog Tags.*Black Neck and Boot Chains will be sent with Black Dog Tags.* SILICONE RUBBER SILENCERS (Alternate Color Option): Black, Blue, Brown, Camouflage, Gray, Green, Light Green, Lime, Orange, Pink, Pink Camo, Red, Transparent/Clear, White, Yellow. Free shipping for orders shipped to USA. USPS PRIORITY MAIL shipping is available upon request for $6.70.Outside-of-USA orders please add a shipping charge of $2.50.You will receive a confirmation email when your order has shipped.Please contact me with any questions or special requests.

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